This project will provide a three level leadership training program to provide individuals with developmental disabilities the need for, the importance of, and the impetus for serving on policy-making panels and governing boards.  Using trainers with developmental disabilities, and nationally recognized resource materials, the project aims to train over 100 individuals.  Three levels of training specifically geared to the individual's need and capacity will be conducted: From the general, to the class-room, to the individual (one-to-one) training to make individuals successful in their goal to have a voice in matters that impact their lives. The project will develop a training guide and handbook for project participants to use no matter what type of policy-making body they may ultimately participate in.


The project will also work with local (Capital District of Albany) provider agencies, and other organizations to promote the need and importance of individuals with developmental disabilities being provided opportunities to participate on governing bodies, advisory councils, and other policy-making entities. Technical assistance on accommodating individuals with developmental disabilities will be provided to target organizations. A resource book or Handbook to help facilitate and assist individuals with developmental disabilities serve on boards.