The following is from a press release on a new resource to help

job-hunters with disabilities find work. Check out the Ability

Web page at

"Washington, DC -- JOB access, a state-of-the-art program of Ability

Awareness that unites employers with skilled persons with disabilities is

being launched October 26 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. At

9:30 AM, Chet Cooper, founder of Ability Awareness, a non-profit

organization created to promote understanding and positive awareness about

our country's largest minority, will formally launch the JOB access website


A comprehensive study sponsored by the National Organization on Disability

indicates that two-thirds of Americans with disabilities between the ages of

16 and 64 are not working. Cooper points out, "This is particularly

unfortunate in this culture, where self-worth, identity, and value are

largely defined by our employment status. 72% of currently unemployed

people with disabilities want to work and, moreover, the

work is out there."

The purpose of JOB access is to reduce discrimination in the hiring process

and to bring together qualified potential employers with disabilities with

employers who are seeking to fill positions. A primary goal of JOB access

is to provide a mechanism to support people with disabilities to enhance

their professional lives by providing career opportunities that were

previously unavailable to them. Cooper believes that JOB access is a

proactive step toward changing the employment and self-worth status of

millions of Americans, will help shrink the $200 billion deficit ant the low

employment statistic this represents. Cooper adds, "This is a great

opportunity to reach the President's goal, when establishing a task force on

the employment of adults with disabilities -- to increase the employment

rate of adults with disabilities to a rate equal to that of the general

adult population."

JOB Access is composed of a multimedia internet site where companies can

record job descriptions and essential duties, and qualified persons with

disabilities can search geographical and job categories, match their skills,

post resumes online, establish links to gain corporate information, access

resume samples and advice, and find out more information on the Americans

with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

This press conference will mark the live formal debut of the JOB access

website, will feature the additional debut of the first of many JOB access

Public Service Announcement, featuring Max Gail, activist and actor best

known for his role as Sgt. Wojo of the Emmy award-winning series Barney


In addition to job listings, JOB access also offers companies the

opportunity to place advertisements on the Web, establish company profile

pages, and invest as charter or sponsor members of this cost-effective new,

socially responsive service. Cooper adds, "This is a proactive strategy for

companies to maximize pportunities created by the ADA, as well as engender

good will with this constituency of 54 million strong."

Cooper, one-time publisher of the National Lampoon, has been publisher of

Ability Magazine, the nation's first "cross-over" publication, for over 8

years. For more information on job access, ABILITY Awareness, and ABILITY

Magazine, contact Chet Cooper at 949.854.8700 by FAX at 949.548.5966 or via

e-mail at"


Jill Jacobs


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