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Stevie Wonder at the piano

Wonder was born Steveland Hardaway Judkins in Saginaw, MI, on May 13, 1950 (he later altered his name to Steveland Morris when his mother married).
Wonder enters his fifth decade as one of the most prolific artists in music history, delivering 35 U.S. albums
- 28 major studio releases - with album sales totaling more than 72 million units. Click here for more.

Stevie Wonder has joined forces with WGBH to create some music video history.
The video for Wonder's new song, ``So What the Fuss,'' will include two audio tracks. Along with the standard music track,
a second track will be a descriptive audio track enabling blind and vision-impaired fans to better understand the video's story line. Click here for article.

Jamie Foxx in Ray , playing Ray Charles

Jamie Foxx won Oscar nominations for "Ray" and for Best Supporting Actor in "Collateral." Click here for article.

The Late Huge Gallaher

Hugh Gallagher Dies; Crusaded for Disabled

Diana Griego Erwin: How much has really changed for disabled people struggling for rights? Click here for article.

New accessible buses in London

Wheelchair-Accessible London.
Click here for article.

Kate Hoffman and her husband ended a pregnancy after tests showed a high risk of Down syndrome; she is pregnant again Sixty Minutes Clock

Eugenics In America

The justification? The kids had been labeled feeble-minded, and were put away in conditions that can only be described as unspeakable. Click here for article.

Stairway to Justice. Click here for article.


Canadian Paralympic athlete Jeff Adams celebrates at the end of his climb on the Athens Acropolis as part of his efforts to raise awareness about achievements of people with disability September 28, 2004. Adams completed the steep climb over marble steps in less than 20 minutes. REUTERS/John Kolesidis

Lady Justiceholding up scales

Washington (AP) - Calling many of the city's parking meters inaccessible, activists for the disabled filed suit Wednesday against the District of Columbia government. Click here for article.

Black and white photo of David O'Hara


The Disability Gulag

By HARRIET McBRYDE JOHNSON. Click here for article.

Unspeakable Conversations

Should I have been killed at birth? The case for my life. Go to Article

In last Sunday's New York Times Magazine. Click here for article.

The Disability Gulag

By HARRIET McBRYDE JOHNSON. Click here for article.

Front wheels of a wheelchqir in grass

Advocates for Disabled Sue D.C. Over Parking Click here for article.

In New Tests for Fetal Defects, Agonizing Choices for Parents. Click here for article.

Nadia Ibrahim, an Office of Disability Employment Policy employee, meets with Assistant Labor Secretary W. Roy Grizzard Jr.

The Disabled, in an Emergency; Labor Department Office Urges Government Agencies to Be Prepared. Click here for article.

John Dunkes

Charges dropped yet held 6 years. Click here for article.

Attorneys for a Baltimore County man who has been locked up in a mental ward even though a series of minor charges against him were dropped six years ago have discovered that his monthly disability check of about $400 has been going into the state treasury, apparently to defray the cost of his forced confinement. Click here for article.

This weekend will bring German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to the Paralympics as well as the Queen of Spain. Click here for article.

Cast members (L-R) Ryan Hudson, Lacey Chabert, John Slattery, Laurie Hedgepath and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are shown in this undated publicity photograph from the cable television movie 'The Brooke Ellison Story' directed by actor Christopher Reeve. The film dramatizes the real-life triumph over adversity of Brooke Ellison, who, at age 11, was struck by a car and paralyzed from the neck down. Ellison overcame her disabilities and later graduated with honors from Harvard University. Chabert portrays Ellison in the movie,which was the last directorial effort by the late Christopher Reeve.

Susan and RickENTREPRENEURS: A New Beginning.

Disabled Author Wins Literary Prize

Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego was separated from his mother as a baby and shunted off into the grim world of Soviet orphanages.

In fact, the infant had been consigned to an orphanage, one of the prison-like institutions where Soviet society hid its disabled children and adults from public view. Click here for article.

Blair and her FriendA QUIET GLIDE TO PEACE OF MIND By Blair Wing

The Right Not to Work: Power and Disability

I have a confession to make: I do not work. I am on SSI.1 I have very little work value (if any), and I am a drain on our country’s welfare system. I have another confession to make: I do not think this is wrong, and to be honest, I am very happy not working. Instead I spend the majority of my time doing the activity I find the most rewarding and valuable, painting. Click here for article.**

Person in a wheelchair using gym machine

Gyms Adjust to People With Disabilities . Click here for article.

Doug Forbis as he appearewd on ABC's 2020

As seen on ABC 2020.

Uncompromised Life Disabled Teen Leads by Example. Click here for article.

Bree Walker

Bree Walker: Taking the sting out of disability. Click here for article.

Photo of Susan S. Brown, Legally SpeakingUnderstanding Supplemental Needs Trust for the

11 rockers, 8 wheelchairs and a gig ROME When the pop rock group Ladri di Carrozzelle (Wheelchair Thieves) starts a set with their pounding, funky riffs, people in the audience tend to look around to see if they're singing in playback. It's as though they can't conceive that a stage full of nearly immobile musicians in wheelchairs could produce such a bold, at times rowdy, sound. Click here for article.

Greg Smith

On A Roll

Broadcast premiere Tuesday, February 15 at 10 p.m. on PBS (60 minutes). Click here for more.

Parent Assistance Committee on Down Syndrome  
Greg Smith and SonGreg Smith

Mr. Smith, host of the nationally syndicated radio show “On a Roll: Talk Radio on Life & Disability,” turned the conference room into a locker room and gave his nearly 200 “players” a halftime pep talk about the game of life. Click here for article.

exploring the Dr. D. O'Hare.  "The print and TV media have called Christopher Reeve a miracle because he has gotten on with his life..."Click here for the article.

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