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Updated on April 9, 1999
Adult Dyslexia Organizations in the UK Contact information and addresses of local chapters
A Look at Dyslexia in Teens A well behaved child with high intelligence and a mild case of dyslexia can get through the educational system and appear not have major problems until they reach high school.
Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab
Brainwaves An auditory stimulation programme for children with learning , language and communication difficulties, including developmental dyslexia and Aspergers syndrome.
British Dyslexia Association
Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia The Center is a nonprofit organization created by the state of Tennessee to serve students with dyslexia, their parents, and their teachers.
Dyslexia theory about traditional misconceptions of dyslexia and related attention deficit and anxiety disorders.
Dealing with Dyslexia Miller Dyslexia Link
disability researsh (A discussion group for LD researchers - based in Britain)
Dyslexia (A discussion group concerned with dyslexia)
Dyslexia 2000 Network
Dyslexia Archive UK. Resources for the dyslexic - with adaptible fonts for easy reading
Dyslexia and Ageing Dyslexia Approach Should Change With Age NEW YORK (Reuters) -- An article in The New England Journal of Medicine
Dyslexia Bibliography (Search results from The Library of Congress)
dyslexia directory
Dyslexia Institute Homepage assessment, teaching and training for overcoming dyslexia across the UK
Dyslexia, Positive Aspects of the Learning Disability Promoting an understanding of dislexia and potential for genius. For parents, teachers, dyslexics. Topics: special education, illiteracy, ADD, dyslexie, legasthenie, reading.
Dyalexia Research Institute The Dyslexia Research Institute operates Woodland Hall Academy, provides parenting information, adult education, advocacy and consultation, and research and development resources.
DYSLEXIA: Science Tracer Bullet Series
Dyslexia - The Gift AKA/ dyslexia.com Welcome! Join us as we explore the positive talents that give rise to dyslexia, and share our knowledge about the best ways for dyslexic people to learn.
Dyslexia Training Programs Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Dyslexia Training Program, Literacy Training Program, Performance and Effectiveness of the Dyslexia Training Program Report
Dyslexia at Work
From Inside the Looking Glass
game to help identify dyslexics A University of Hull research team has developed computer games to help identify dyslexics and other children with learning difficulties
International Dyslexia Association
Irlen Syndrome - scotopic Sensitivity and Dyslexia
Kay Armstrong Center The Kay A. Armstead Center for Communicative Disorders provide speech, language and hearing diagnosis and remediation services to students, staff and faculty at SJSU as well as to the entire communicty at large.
Language Based Learning Disability: Remediation Research
Madras Dyslexia Association Madras Dyslexia Association (MDA) work towards in supporting children with these Learning disabilities and to prepare them to cope with challenges in life. (India)
Michigan Dyslexia Association of America nonprofit organization serving children and adults with dyslexia.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 July 1997 DYSLEXIA
Sympatico Dyslexia info at HealthWay Dyslexia, like attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity, is a learning disorder that affects the way people see and perceive information
Teens vs. Dyslexia designed by teens to help teens.
The Greenwood School Great Resource site!
The Orton Dyslexia Society National Headquarters, Baltimore. MD
The Voice Within (A story of a dyslexic little girl)
Who is the Adult Dyslexia Organisation?

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