ILUSA.COM has just begun to solicit underwriters, and advertisers as of January, 1999.

The following rates are based on monthly hits/visitors on an average of between 1300-2000 per day. These rates have been compared to commercial and not-for-profit sites with similar content, and nearly similar number of hits per month. This site is operated by three not-for-profit, federally tax-exempt organizations. Grants or underwriter arrangements are tax deductible. Some pages on the site have much more exposure and viewers therefore the rates vary. Contracts (for limited exclusivity) or other arrangements are available.

For Underwriters: $15,000 grant for 13 months Includes: Logo banner and link on navigation frame; Cover page, Main page/or specialty pages( such as ILUSA NEWS); Monthly page of promotions announcing specials, etc.; MiniMart ad bin (new feature: highlighted, with link); Email announcement to listserv;

** Logo on promotional items; Logo or name on advertisements we place in publications; Hardcopy mailing to list of organizations; and, Distribution of underwriter's materials at conferences, fairs, and other functions.
CRISNY.ORG $2000/month
Half year underwriter: $8,400 ($1,400) Logo banner and link on navagation frame Main Page Typical rates: $1,600 to $2,000/month on one page
3 Month or Quarterly Rate; $4,000 ($1,600/mo Logo banner and link on Main page, name on the MiniMart (new feature), Mentioned in promotional materials Typically not available:
Monthly Rate: $2,000/mo. Logo banner and link on Main Page, Links Page, and One specialty page (not including the news page, or calendar), and listed on the MiniMart Monthly Rate $2,000-$2,500/month on one page.
News Page, and Calendar Pages Only Starting from $750-$1,500/month Monthly Rate $2,000-$2,500/month on one page.
Monthly Rate for MiniMart: Starting in June 1999, $250/month Regular listing on MiniMart (with link to web site/web page of choice). at $500-$1,000/mo (Now
RATES FOR CDCI and ILCHV These two web sites propvide exposure to local and New York based businesses. Rates start from $250-$2,000/mo. Send inquiry to N/A
COMING SOON VIDEO CLIP ADS In the near future this web site will be able to provide video and sound clips for underwriters that have video taped demonstrations of products N/A

All rates are subject to modifications. Final approval of ILUSA.COM Group required for any advertisement.

*The Wilson Web Marketing services estimates that commercial advertising rates are 50-60 cents per hit.

**ILUSA does not sell copies of its listserv which was compiled by the ILUSA.COM GROUP. All information is confidential.

All payments are made to: ILCHV/ILUSA (Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Inc.): address: Troy Atrium , Broadway and Fourth Street, Troy, NY 12180: (518) 274-0701. ILCHV is a non-profit, tax-exempt, under IRS Code Section. 501 (c ) 3. Also registered with the NYS Charities Registration Bureau and the NYS Attorney General's Office. Financial statement is available to underwriters.

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